Telugu Mithrulaku Namaskaram!

2017 Sankranthi Cultural (on stage) Programs – Saturday, January 28th, 4pm to 7pm

(Venue: Collierville High School, Collierville TN).

We look forward to your enthusiastic stage performances promoting TELUGU culture and tradition. Registrations for following Sankranthi Cultural stage shows are open.

Cultural Stage Shows:

1. Bhogipallu: Bhogipallu for Infants and Kids. (No Registration required)

2. Navvula Jallulu: Comedy skits by adults and kids

• Other Information: Only 3 slots available on first come first served basis. Minimum 4 participants in each performance. Duration of the skit should be no longer than 10 minutes.
3. Naatyanjali: Dance performances by kids/adults

• Theme: Indian Festivals, Folk, Classical, Semi Classical or Fusion.

• Eligibility: Age 5 years and above (Registration Required)

• Other Information: Minimum 5 participants in each performance. The performance should not last longer than 6 minutes.

Rules for the participants (Cultural Stage Shows): 
• To participate in any of the TAM programs, participant needs to have TAM Membership.

• Each participant (kids) can only participate in ONE cultural event on stage. Adults can participate up to TWO stage performance events.

• TAM will have a pre-screening of your item two weeks before the stage events.

• Please kindly email us a high quality audio track of the cultural event (if any) in mp3 format by Sunday, Jan 15th.

• Please let us know if any objections to share your performance photos/videos on TAM’s website and social media. Otherwise, TAM will share them on our website and social media.

• If your skit/dance requires any special props, it’s your responsibility to bring them prepared to the auditorium on the event day and also to dispose them after the show.

• TAM will assign a particular time slot to each stage performance. The participants and choreographers must be at backstage 15 minutes before the schedule of your performance.

Please email your registrations to with stage show/skit name in the email subject line (e.g. Subject: “Naatyanjali”) along with Participant names, Choreographer name and phone number by Sunday, January 8th.

Please contact TAM Cultural Team on below numbers for any questions/event related information: 
• Chiranjeevi Gompa : 901 860 8559 
• Pavani Penugonda : 901 530 8240 
• Phani Teegalapalli : 484 904 3385 
• Uma Belde : 901 438 4224 
• Email us:

We sincerely thank you in advance and looking forward for your participation to make this event a grand success. We appreciate all your co-operation for this event.

Bhavadeeya Mithrulu, 
TAM Board 2017.

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