TAM 2019 Membership Value Proposition

Thank you for your continued support to greater Memphis Telugu community. Your yearly contribution helps Non-Profit Telugu Association of Memphis (TAM) to support its mission which states:“The purposes for which the Association is organized are cultural, educational, literary, civic, social and charitable. The Association will provide members of the "TELUGU Speaking" Community and all others, in the Greater Memphis Area, with an organization dedicated to the above purposes that are consistent with the fostering of a closer association among People with similar beliefs, aims and ideals.“Below is the information regarding membership levels, services and events included in the Annual Package for 2019. We promise to offer more than 100% value for the cost of the package.

Value Proposition for a Family Package (Family of Four & Visiting Parents Included)

  • Sankranthi tickets (dinner included) - $30 (Adult $10, Kids $5)
  • Ugaadi tickets (dinner included) - $40 (Adult $12 , Kid $8)
  • Vanabhojanaalu (lunch included) - $16 (Adult $5 , Kid $3)
  • Mahila - $7
  • Annual membership fee - $25
  • Dussehra & Bathukamma
  • Free Movie for TAM members only
  • Discount coupons from Indian Restaurants, Groceries, Boutiques
  • On stage performances opportunities for members
  • Youth Leadership opportunities
  • Sports– Chess/Carroms -$5, Run for Fun - $5
  • Kids Sports Camp
  • Seminars – Finance, Youth & IT for students
  • My TAM Friend (Please reach out to TAM EC for more info)

Please reach out to any of the Executive committee members for more information on TAM membership. Again, thank you for your contributions and appreciate all your support.

TAM Executive Committee 2019 and Trustees.

Please complete the Online Membership Form and use the below links to make a payment



Family ($100)

Family ($25)

Existing Life-member Family ($75)

Couple ($20)

Couple ($70)

Single ($15)

Single ($40)

College Student ($5)

College Student ($25)

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